In my view, Alexandra Katehakis is one of the most authoritative and accessible clinical authorities on the subject of sex addiction.  In this Sounds True podcast (around an hour long), she explains how this process addiction also involves an element of chemical addiction - albeit to the dopamine produced by our own bodies, particularly in situations of sexual novelty.  This talk helps clarify how little sex addiction has to do with sex itself, and how much it is rooted in an individual's developmental experience and their consequent difficulty in self-soothing in the face of difficult feelings such as shame and anxiety.

This mother's heartwarming take on "When you're 7-year-old announces, 'I'm gay'" appeared in the Huffington Post  in February 2012.

I was hugely moved to wake up to this article, "How Michael Kirby Saved my Life" by Andrew Webster on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald on 3 November 2013.  It's a brave and beautiful reflection on coming out.


"The Seaweed Wrap Solution" is a fantastic article on depression by Melissa Jacob that appeared in Sunday Life on 10 November 2013.

This lecture by Pia Mellody explains codependence.  Her model and theory form the basis of the treatment approach used by world-leading rehabilitation facility, The Meadows in Arizona and by South Pacific Private Hospital here in Sydney.

This short article is my own brief explanation of the relational aspect of the disease of addiction

In this inspiring TED talk from March 2014, Andrew Solomon reflects on how our pain and adversity can be used to mould us into the people we have the capacity to be.

Psychotherapist and Counsellor

This webinar (around an hour long) is a great lecture by Steve Stokes on healthy boundaries and other aspects of Pia Mellody's model of developmental immaturity (or "codependence") as used in treatment centres such as The Meadows in Arizona and South Pacific Private Hospital here in Sydney.